• I am not a seed reseller like some heirloom tomato seed companies who buy bulk seeds from the US and simply repackage and some who even rename varieties; rather, every single seed has been harvested from my (non-certified) organic backyard garden in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada (zone 3A).

• Similarly, I have taken every single picture you see on this website and have researched to the best of my ability the varietal descriptions.

• All seeds are open pollinated and have never and will never come in contact with GMO tomatoes.  I have signed the Safe Seed Pledge.

• I bag my blossoms with homemade Tulle fabric bags to prevent cross-pollination. 

• To clean my seeds I only use natural fermentation method- never any harsh chemicals.

• All varieties $3 Canadian (which is weak when compared with the US dollar) (Paypal will convert it to your currency unit)

• Seed packaging-  I try to make my seed packaging as informative as possible- including a colour picture- given the space.  Please double click the image

for a better view:


I offer between 25+ seeds per package as my growing conditions are extremely challenging:

     1.     Late spring frosts (June 7)                         2. Early fall frosts (August 24),

3. Hail                                                           4. Late spring snow (May 25)

4. Late summer snow (September 9)

5. At 1076 m (3530 ft.) our evening temperatures which may get above 15°C (59°F) once or twice in a summer, do not allow for growing tomatoes in an open garden.  Tomatoes will stop growing below 15°C (59°F) and for optimum fruit set occurs when the temperatures are between 18.5°C (65°F) and 26.5°C (81°F).

My increased costs due growing in a greenhouse and the labour intensive process of bagging, un-bagging and marking each truss are reflected in the price of each seed package and shipping charges; in addition, the costs of creating and maintaining this website and my annual tomato seed catalogue are also included.