May Long Weekend Pick-Up

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Third Saturday in March

My first set of organic heirloom tomato plants are available at SEEDY SATURDAY.

These self-watering containers can be used to grow any vegetable.  I use them to grow my tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants.  The easiest system to  grow in:

1. Fill the wicking basket with Pro-Mix (potting mix).

2. Lay down some weed fabric to prevent Pro-Mix (potting mix) from falling into the water chamber.

3. Fill the container with Pro-Mix.  Moisten as you add the mix.

4. Lay down fertilizer strip.

5. Add water through fill tube.

6. Plant your vegetables.

For more  complete description of this system please visit:

Unfortunately, the trees on the side of my house have matured to the point where they are now blocking out the sun to grow my beloved tomatoes.

You can grow one large indeterminate tomato in the small Rubbermaid Roughneck containers (68 litre- 23.75" x 16" x 17") and 2 indeterminates in the large Rubbermaid Roughneck containers (94 litre-  29"x 16.75" x 19.5").  

Price for my homemade Earthtainer with copper fill pipe:

68 litre  $20

94 litre   $30

Each Earthtainer uses two Roughneck totes.



     Download the PDF file.

     Check ‘Available’ column for the varieties you           

     would like. (I will not seed until April so that is

     why you see negative numbers)

     Email me your list of varieties.

     I will reply ASAP to confirm your selections.


     2018 May Long Weekend Pick-Up

          Fri. 18     4 - 7pm

          Sat. 19  10 - 3 pm

          Sun. 20 10 - 3 pm

Early pick-up may be available depending on my work schedule and my son's soccer schedule.


Unfortunately, I must institute a downpayment as some customers in the past have cancelled their orders at the last minute.  If you cancel your order or fail to pick-up your plants over May Long you will forfeit your downpayment.

50% downpayment via PayPal or personal cheque

50% at pick-up


All plants are grown organically and in 18 oz. red Solo cups.

Accidents happen! Of course I do my utmost to ensure that you get your plants.  If something does happen, ie. your plant does not make it to the next transplant stage for some reason- stunted growth, I dropped the plant etc. I will offer you a replacement plant or refund your money.

Please understand that I will be changing my garden over to summer crops and do not have the space to keep your plants growing.

5. PICK-UP Details

I will be in touch with pick-up details during the first week of May. At this time you will need to share with me your contact number in case their are any last minute changes.