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Cherokee Green

Midseason               Indeterminate              Reg. Leaf

This variety traces its roots to Cherokee Chocolate which in turn came from Cherokee Purple.   Cherokee Green will produce 170-340g (6-12 ozs.) that are deep, rich and sweet.  An amber blush will develop to indicate ripeness.

ambrosia gold



Indeterminate            Reg. Leaf

Glecker's Seedsmen of Metamora OH introduced this tomato in 1950. Evergreen was one of my tomp 3 tomatoes in 2008 because of its sweet, spicy taste coupled with incredible production of 10 oz. (280 g) fruit.

ambrosia goldEvergreen

Lime Green Salad


Dwarf Indeter.             Reg. Leaf

Tom Wagner created this tangy green when fully ripe tomato.  Lime Green Salad is an excellent choice for growing in pots since it will grow to about 50 cm (20").  The flavour tends to polarize people as it is very bold and tangy.

Lime Green Salad

The standard Days to Maturity is, at best, a guess given that weather and the gardener’s own cultural practices vary greatly. I find the following classification to be more informative:

Early less than 65 days               Midseason 65〜80 days               Late 80+ days


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